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A storied past, a bright future

For 25 years, the Redfish Lodge, located on a beautiful mile-long peninsula in Rockport-Fulton, Texas was the premier destination fishing resort on the Texas Gulf Coast. On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the facility, impacting loyal staff, corporate clients and fishing enthusiasts throughout Texas.

After three years of research and planning, the founders of Redfish Lodge Partners, LLC are committed to not only reviving the legacy but building a business that will be a blessing to the Rockport-Fulton economy, our staff, our patrons, as well as our  investors. The new Redfish Lodge on Copano Bay promises to deliver incomparable experiences highlighted by outstanding fishing, exclusive corporate meeting facilities, incredible sunsets, and life-long memories.

The Redfish Lodge on Copano Bay, consisting of the main lodge, two adjoining guest houses and two VIP villas with a combined capacity of 78 guests, will be built at the 2.95-acre entrance to the 73-acre peninsula. It will include boat slips, lighted fishing pier, swimming pool, cabana, business center, dining and meeting rooms, bars, first-class chef’s kitchen, guest accommodations and the famous sunset views of Copano Bay

Redfish Lodge Original
Redfish Lodge New

The Redfish Lodge: Keys To Success

ICF Construction

The infrastructure is being rebuilt, fortified, and modernized using Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building technology. ICF construction is one of the most wind and water-resistant building methods. Incorporating it into the Redfish Lodge ensures that the structures can withstand the equivalent of any storm in Rockport’s history.

In October 2019, one of the most powerful hurricanes in recorded history slammed into the Florida panhandle. With winds in excess of 150 miles per hour, 54% of homes in the region were entirely destroyed and 23% were severely damaged. Damage was most severe in neighborhoods close to the shoreline. Yet, at ground zero, there was one home that survived the storm virtually unscathed. Most remarkably, it was built just a few hundred feet from the water’s edge, where the wind and storm surge were most ferocious.  While neighboring homes and structures were reduced to ruins, the home known as “Sand Palace” stood strong, a testament to the resilience of ICF construction.

Our construction team of Blanton Builders, RMA, Aran-Franklin Structural Engineering, and ICF Constructors has worked together for years on high end ICF projects around the State of Texas.  We are confident in the abilities of ICF construction to protect the Redfish Lodge.

Project Team

The management, staff, architects, engineers, project consultants, and contractors are experts at their craft and share our passion and vision.  Many of the staff members from the original Redfish Lodge Resort are returning. Visit our Project Team page to learn more about the consultants, contractors, and other team members bringing their expertise to this project. 

Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing component will be top-tier. The Redfish Lodge team will use sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, social media marketing, a custom website, and a modern booking engine.  The foundation for marketing will be the database of over 16,000 loyal former guests.

Great Location

Rockport-Fulton is located on the Live Oak Peninsula in Aransas County, Texas and is surrounded by water on 3 sides. The community is consistently recognized as one of the top 5 small coastal towns in the United States by USA Today. Rockport-Fulton hosts visitors year round who flock to the area for its world famous bird-watching, beautiful beach, art galleries, golfing, and, of course, some of the best fishing you’ll find anywhere in Texas. Copano Bay, future home of the Redfish Lodge, boasts some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see.  Eco-Tourism is a key driver of the local economy, Rockport Beach, the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (winter home of the Whooping Cranes), and Port Aransas are popular nearby attractions.  People from across the state, and beyond, consider Rockport-Fulton the finest coastal community in the state of Texas.

Corporate Retreats/Events

The Redfish Lodge will serve as a destination retreat venue for teams, organizations, and groups to gather in an environment that’s conducive to creative thinking, learning, and leadership development. With the backdrop of Copano Bay and surrounding waterways, stunning sunsets, on-site resources, spacious indoor/outdoor meeting spaces, and exceptional amenities including comfortable luxury lodging and catered meals, Redfish Lodge has everything a company’s leadership and team needs to recharge and refocus. The Leadership Retreat and Business Conference space is growing, companies are looking for unique places where serious business and fun can meet, helping them to bond as a team and improve their company.  Our on-site corporate sales and management will help make arrangements for meetings, food, fishing, activities, and any other elements of the retreat/conference.  Local resources will be used to offer additional options, such as golfing, ropes activity/teamwork course, convention center, etc…  Redfish Lodge will be perfectly positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for retreats and conferences.

Weddings and Events

Family reunions, weddings, and other events will find the Redfish Lodge to be a great host. The wonderful accommodations, scenery, catering and other amenities will ensure guests at these events have an amazing time.


Frequently asked questions.

The construction phase is expected to be completed in early 2025.

The Redfish Lodge will accommodate 78 guests in the main lodge, guest houses and VIP Villas; future plans may include additional lodging capacity.

With construction expected to conclude in early 2025 we are considering reservations for larger events; please click here to send us an inquiry.

Fishing, sight-seeing, boat tours, swimming, and our indoor recreation room are just some of the many activities our guests will enjoy at the Redfish Lodge.

A Powerful Team

Redfish Lodge has assembled a powerful team to bring the Redfish Lodge project to life.

Redfish Lodge Sunset View
Redfish Lodge Pool